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Vietnam Awesome Travel, we would like to introduce our great history of Street Food Tour in old quarter Hanoi, now our own business's name and a good reputation is Food on Foot Tour Hanoi. 

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“Hanoi Street food tour”_ 5 stars, 9 Dec 2010

Wonderful 3 hour walking tour of Hanoi Old city focusing on 'street food' Our charming young guide was knowledgable about both the political and culinary history of the city.

“Great Value, Great Experience!”_4 stars, Nov 28, 2011

Owner/operator, Mr. Anh indeed aims to please through great customer service. We booked our Food on Foot Tour the day we arrived in Hanoi hoping to get a good feel through a trusted guide on street food. We checked into our hotel and several hours later, around 6pm, we were greeted by our guide "Tu" (Pronounced Two). His English was solid and the best part was, to our surprise, we were the only ones on the he was our private guide. Our first day in Vietnam and suddenly we were eating street cooked common foods in hidden back allies and learning about some of the common dishes was great! We sampled rice wine, beer, and some interesting street food. We went through the market and all over town. I'd do this tour again and recommend it for the adventurous eaters. It is NO Frills and fun! 

I think I'm a foodie and now that we've eaten tons of street food in Vietnam, including other places in Hanoi, my only recommendation to improve the tour would be to try and seek out some of the tastiest street stands around. Some of the places we went to were a fun experience, but some of the food was just ok. There is so much good, cheap food in town why not cherry pick the best. Again, overall excellent value, food was solid and I'd recommend it.

"Blown away by Awesome service!”_  5 stars, 22 Dec 2011

Anh of Awesome walks the talk! Sunday morning walking tour of Hanoi Old Quarters for US $1 conducted by Mr Anh personally with local breakfast and Vietnamese coffee thrown in? You better believe it! Dress warmly though, it's cold in December. 
My wife and I enjoyed the morning walk so much we signed up for his evening Food on Foot tour ( sorry not US$1 - Anh has got to make a living right?) which allows foodies to walk and eat their way around the old quarters sampling local street food. Our favourite was the vermecelli noodle with dried crispy eel which comes in both soup and dry versions. Both are equally tasty. There were only three of us on this tour ( my wife, myself and a fellow foodie from the morning tour but we had a great time! 
Before we arrived in Hanoi, Mr Anh also helped us to purchase in advance our tickets to the Water Puppet Show.
Mr Anh provides great service ( with no hassles about prepayment ) and always with a touch of humour. 
Thanks for everything and cheers!

“Foot on Foot tour- a gastronomic delight!”_ 5 stars, Mar 28, 2012

My partner and I did the foot on foot tour in Hanoi with Mr Anh (it went from around 6pm-9pm and was just the two of us) and we went to so many street food outlets in the old quarter we would never have known to go to by ourselves - it was a great way to get a taste of real vietnamese food and such a huge variety!! He ordered and arranged for all the food so literally all we had to do was eat and have fun walking around the city at night. Highly recommended!

"Food tour evening & morning in the Old Quarter Hanoi”_ 5 stars, May 23, 2012

We had a group of 8 gorgeous middle aged ladies who were first time visitors to Hanoi. On our first night there we did a tour with an Awesome Travel guide Michael through the Old Quarter. It was a fantastic introduction to Vietnamese food and culture and a way to gain confidence in a new place.We got to experience the unique street life and explored and went to places that we would not have gone into. The following morning we went with Mr Ahn on a walking tour. Once again we were given another opportunity to experience a different way of life. We danced with the locals at the lake which was great fun. A bowl of Pho Ga in a backstreet cafe was delicious. Both of our guides were very willing to answer our questions and their English was easy to understand. We have very mixed feelings about the strong cups of coffee that we drank while balancing on tiny plastic chairs.!! All great fun! We would highly recommend this bargain tour as it was one of the highlights of our Vietnamese adventure.

“Food on Foot- Awesome!”_ 5 stars, July 13, 2012

My friend and I booked a Food on Foot tour with Vietnam Awesome Tours. Mr. Ha was our guide and he was very knowledgeable about the Old Quarter. We went into many little shops that served delicious Vietnamese cuisine. He was good at creating a unique experience just for the two of us. We had Vietnamese snacks, desserts, summer rolls, pho, rice roll and even stopped by a local fruit shop to try various local fruits. It was one of the best tours of our stay in Hanoi. We are very happy with our experience with Mr. Ha and Vietnam Awesome Tours.

“Best experiences in Hanoi”_ 5 stars, reviewed Aug 15, 2012

Ahn has an awesome thing going with Awesome Travel ;) We did the food on foot and cooking class with awesome and was our best day in Hanoi. The food on foot tour was exceptional, Mr Ha our guide was heaps of fun and ensured we had a fun filled, eye opening afternoon in the city. And when we thought the day couldn't get any better we spent the evening with a local family, consisting of shopping at the market, food prep and eating with the family. This was the perfect way to end a great day and give us a unique and thoroughly enjoyable Hanoi experience!!! Thank you Ahn and Ha for helping to make our stay in Hanoi very memorable!!

“Highly recommend”_ 5 stars, Mar 4, 2013

We used Awesome Vietnam for transfers to/from the airport and the Food on Foot tour. They took use to a local restaurant were we had seafood cooked in a soup with fresh vegetables, on the table before us. The seafood was of very good quality and we really enjoyed the meal. We also had a bottle of local red wine - it was quite drinkable. The food on foot tour also involved a tour around the historic part of Hanoi. It was a good experience. The transfers were on time and used a very clean, comfortable and relatively new car.

“Easiest way to sample local street food”5 stars, Mar 14, 2013

We took the premium seafood lunch tour with Johnny as our guide. We are comfortable eating street food on our own whenever we travel but found the tour to be valuable as we could learn local culture and sample more variety of food over a short period of time. We had the Cha Ca fish dish, rice noddle rolls, snails, beer with meat wrapped in leave, hot pot and finished off with coffee and smoke pie. The lunch tour is quieter and less crowded as most places are busiest in the morning and in the evening. Highly recommended to schedule the tour on your fist day.

“Food on Foot and Sunday Morning Tour”_ 5 stars, Mar 11, 2013

My wife and I were in Hanoi for the first time and and enjoy smaller group tours where we can. We did the 'Food on Foot' night rour with Awesome travel on the day we arrived and had a fantastic time. Our guide Lilly took us through 5 or 6 places that we would never have ventured into on our own (before the tour anyway), she selected the food (but tailors the tour to your preferences) and explained the dipping sauces and what should go with what. It you enjoy your coffee make sure your last stop is for 'Egg coffee' in what must be one of the best kept foodie secrets of Hanoi - tourists are not going to find this local drinking spot easily.

The food was excellent and by having food then walking for a bit, having more food, etc you could try lots of different things without being too full :-) We revisited some of the restaurants again later in our stay to try other options on the menu, it also gave us the confidence to try street foods elsewhere in Vietnam. This tour was our highlight for Hanoi and I can't recommend it highly enough, I'd suggest you do it as early in your visit as possible as it's a great orientation for Hanoi and, like us, you might want the time for some repeat visits.

We also did the sunday morning walking tour with Mr Anh, don't let the early start put you off - it's a lovely time to be wandering the streets of Hanoi in just about the only quiet time. It gives you the opportunity to walk the almost deserted streets and learn about Hanoi. Mr Anh is entertaining and has a wealth of information to share, the breakfast at the end is in with the locals and a great way to end the morning stroll.

“Old Quarter Foodie's Dream”5 stars, Mar 29, 2013

Found this tour through Trip Advisor and jumped on the opportunity to explore Hanoi's Old Quarter by eating our way through it. We were welcomed by our charming young guide Trang at our hotlel. We began our tour at dusk and walked by Sword Lake on our way to the Old Quarter. We relied on Trang to get us through the multitude of speeding mopeds--a bit harrowing but part of the whole experience. We criss-crossed streets and took in the sights, scenes and smells along the way. Our first stop for authentic pho set the tone for our journey. We made several tasty stops including one for sugar cane drinks prepared from the cane in front of our eyes. Seeing the dwellers of the Old Quarter out and aboiut enjoying life made the experience all the more memorable. We capped our evening off with a water puppets show that combined music and artistry in an entertaining way. Trang delighted us with her stories. What a great night of exchanging and experiencing cultures. Thank you Trang & Awesome Travel.

“Great way to experience local food”_ 5 stars, Apr 16, 2013 

We took a personalised night tour for just the two of us with our guide for the evening Mr Ha. Ha was a very knowledgeable guide and took us to a good selection of food places. He always asked if we would like a certain type of food before we tried It and if we didn't like it he found an alternate food. I even got to try cooked river snails which is real authentic Vietnamese food, something I would never have done at home. Desert at the end of the tour was the best thing and consisted of mixed fruits with coconut milk and condensed milk, so sweet but very nice. The night ended with water puppet show which was a very novel show demonstrating various cultural elements. I highly recommend this night food tour.

“First Night In Hanoi - Must Do”_ 5 stars, Apr 9, 2013 

If you are a little worried about eating food in the old Quarter in Hanoi, then this is a Must Do! And, preferably on your first night so that you have confidence about eating there after that. With hundreds of food places in this area, it's difficult to know which are ok to eat at and which are not. There are definitely one's that you should not venture into, but with this Food on Foot Tour, be confident that they have vetted the places you go to, and allow yourself to experience fantastic local speciality flavours. We did not manage to complete the full agenda as we were full to bursting, but Lily, our guide, was first rate, explaining traditions, foods, techniques etc, that gave us a really good understanding of what we were eating and how it is prepared etc. Put this tour on your list of 'must do's'

“Excellent personalized tour, great night out” 5 stars, Apr 9, 2013 

we went with the standard dinner tour. We had 3 different dishes and three different drinks all excellent and our guide trang ( I think that's right ) was excellent answering every question we through at her. She made sure we were full ordering more food in our last destination to make sure my ever hungry boyfriend was stuffed. she stayed well over time chatting giving history and language lessons. If we were not backpackers and minding our budget we'd go again tomorrow for the lunch so much to learn and so much to try we really had no idea. Absolutely delighted with this tour we are much braver diners.

“A must do in Hanoi!”_ 5 stars, reviewed Apr 7, 2013

We read plenty of the reviews of this tour on Tripadvisor and thought that so many people couldn't possibly be wrong! Well, I assure you, every positive review is completely true. We just finished this tour 1 hour ago, and couldn't have been happier to pay the $25 dollar's at the end. Worth every penny. 

Mr Anh's response to my email came within 30 minutes and we were booked on the tour straight away (the day before we wanted to go). Our guide (Yen) was really amazing, and very receptive to what we wanted to eat and what we wanted to try! We were keen to try everything traditional, and her comprehensive grasp of English made is very easy for us to ask her a million questions about what everything consisted of, how it's made, how we pronounce the names...etc etc. I can't recommend this tour enough. Both for the food, and for information regarding the whole city. It makes it a far less intimidating place! You would never find these places without a guide. She wrote us a list of everywhere we went, so that we can return in the next few days (and we will!). And, she's coming to meet us tomorrow morning to take us for some of her favourite Vietnamese rolls that we didn't have a chance to try. She is awesome! Do this tour, you won't regret it - I promise!

“Amazing experience”_ 5 stars, Apr 23, 2013

We did the food on foot tour with Ha as our guide - he was amazing. We only booked the day before through our hotel and they were easily able to accommodate us - it was just the two of us on the tour. 

Ha was amazing he took us to many different places for different food options, he explained about why he had chosen each place and even taught us to read the store signs so we knew how to tell which shop had what. I am vegetarian and I was well catered for, Ha keep this in mind at every place we visited - I think he may have been a little disappointed at our lack of adventure but never showed it. Ha was great in giving us a lot of information about Hanoi more generally, he took us through the back alleys of stores to housing areas which gave us a real shock to some of the living conditions. 

Ha also let us guide the tour as well for example offering left or right turn with x or y to see so this was nice. He was also amazing at crossing roads and kept an eye on us to make sure we were ok. Overall, All the food we ate was amazing and we could not have been happier with our tour! At the end Ha took us to visit their store and we met his boss who shared with us some rice wine shots (eek) and gave us some cute keyring and fridge magnet gifts. We did do the puppet show as part of the tour but I will rate that elsewhere. We believe Ha's wife will have had their baby by now, so CONGRATS!!!

“Superb, authentic local experience"_ 5 stars, Apr 18, 2013

I had a free evening in Hanoi and decided to try this tour. It was superb! (We tried the 3 hour tour) Yen, our guide, was incredibly friendly. She brought us to so many places, and was very passionate in introducing the local food and culture. We tried all kinds of foods (over 10 different ones, some in obscure, local hideaways) and even had options to choose from!  When we chose food options that were a little far off, Yen was able to quickly get us a cab and got us on our way. Flexible! Extremely worth every cent, and I would recommend anyone in Hanoi to give this tour a shot. Very flexible, cheerful and energetic guide :)

“A must do!”_ 5 stars, Apr 27, 2013

With Hanoi being our first place to visit in Vietnam, it was fantastic to do this food on foot tour. We got to experience the old quarter and taste many dishes with our very friendly and passionate guide, Huyen. We would never have tried the variety of food otherwise. And the amount of food was more than sufficient. The other advantage of doing this tour upon arrival was that Huyen taught us how to cross the roads! We don't know how we would have managed otherwise. Very well worth it! And excellent value for money!

“A grown-up experience we could share with our kids!”_ 5 stars, 11 May 2014

The morning after arriving in Hanoi, we did a private food on foot tour with Chinh and it was awesome! It was a great introduction to Vietnamese food and made the rest of the trip so much more enjoyable because we knew what we were eating (most of the time).

We opted for a private tour because we have two small children who either move slowly or refuse to slow down. It was much more relaxing not having to worry about disturbing other people in a group tour and being able to move on when we needed to. The price difference was only $10 per person ($35 including food rather than $25 and we didn't have to pay for the kids) and was worth every penny. We went to 5 different restaurants and a snack place with an extra stop for ice cream for the kids on a hot day. I'm not sure we ever would have stopped at a few of the places without a guide which made it that much better. 

It was a real pleasure to spend 3 hours with Chinh. She was great with the kids and made sure they were taken care of even taking one of them out on the street for fresh sugarcane juice while we ate. She adapted the route when they'd had enough and even hailed a cab when they decided they didn't want to walk anymore in the heat. We would have loved to have done other tours of the city with her if time and tired, moody children didn't get in the way. Traveling with small children can been a little stressful. This was one of the few instances where we grown-ups were able to do something a little grown-upy and the kids were happily along for the ride. 

“So much food”_ 5 stars, May 15, 2013

We did this tour with our kids, just the four of us and our wonderful guide. Think it was $25 for adults and $15 for the kids. We were collected promtly at our hotel at 6pm, the tour lasted until well after 9 at which time the kids were getting tired so we cut it a bit short and headed back to the hotel. We had food from so many different stalls. I can't remember it all but here goes, sticky rice, Hanoi Fish at Orchid Restaurant (to die for), option of dog (we declined), fresh beer, local sake, snails, prawns, eel, yummy fruit salad and egg coffee (our favourite). There was more but I can't remember. A very enjoyable evening, we were even shown some sights we would not have seen on our own.

“Awesome traditional Hanoi dishes”5 stars, May 14, 2013 

We came to Hanoi with a tour from Taiwan for 5 days, so everything was already arranged. We saw beautiful sights but the tour didn't include any food discovery, we went to very classy restaurant but it wasn't really Vietnamese food, so that was a little of a let down. I went to Trip Advisor and found out about this tour which had so many great reviews and decided to book a private tour for us 5.
Johnny, our guide, came to meet us at our hotel, he was very friendly, plenty sense of humor and very knowledgeable when it came to any questions we threw at him. This was just the tour we needed to complete our unforgettable Vietnam Tour. Johnny explained to us all the dishes we ate, how we're they made and any history connected to them if any. The tour was for 3 hours, but went on 1/2 hour more, we didn't even notice the 3 hours going by. I strongly suggest this tour, it great value for your money and you do not want to leave Hanoi without having tried these awesome dishes. Thank you Johnny you are a great guide. Yu made this tour, a tour to remember.

“Awesome must do 'Food on Foot' tour!_ 5 stars, 20 May 2014

I can't speak highly enough of this tour! My advice a to go hungry as you will be eating a lot of food! Trang our lovely tour guide met us promptly at 18.00 as agreed. I am not a meat eater but do eat fish, so decided on the seafood tour which was fantastic. My partner does eat meat so there were opportunities for him to have meat alternatives so he was happy too. The tour weaved us in and out of the old quarter, learning not only about the amazing food but the history of Hanoi and some fantastic lessons on the Vietnamese language. 

Trang taught us about the preparation techniques, traditional way to eat certain foods, the freshness of the street food and got us eating things we would have been intrigued by but would have been too unsure to try if on our own (egg coffee!). Her dessert invention was delicious! Trang was so lovely, she was friendly, patient, funny and informative. She is clearly so passionate about food and the wonderful city Hanoi, we ended up running over by a whole hour! Don't miss this tour, it's a must do!

“A really AWESOME food tour!”_ 5 stars, 23 May 2014

Our hotel arranged this evening food tour for us as a last minute decision as soon we arrived in Hanoi. What a wonderful way to be introduced to the old quarter and the delicious food. Trang was a delight to be with...her enthusiasm and knowledge was wonderful to experience as was the food. We ate at places that we would never have dreamed of stopping at and we ended the most delightful evening sipping egg coffees!!!!!! Do not miss this tour!!!!!

“A must!”_ 5 stars, 27 May 2014

We were a little dubious at first especially as the tour's name makes it sound desperately-upbeat, but it was honest and genuine.
Three friends and I did a private tour and had a great time. Our guide Mr. Ha or 'River' was ace, he took us to about 6 different places and was more than happy to answer our questions about northern Vietnamese life. He was enthusiastic and seemed truly excited when we enjoyed the food. 
Definitely do this tour at the start of your hanoi adventure as you're bound to get heaps of good tips for places to go.

“Awesome tours indeed"_ 5 stars, 30 May 2014

We booked 3 type of tours when we were in Hanoi; the one day trip of Ha Long Bay, Morning Walk tour, and Street Food tour. All tours were fantastic! we were so glad we trust Trip Advisor and book our tours with Awesome Travel. 
The Ha Long bay tour on our 2nd day was amazing! we had such a great great time! Then the next day we had the Morning Walk tour with our tour guide Johnny. He was great and we had a really good tour! we walked around Old Quarter and along Hoan Kiem river, the city, and ended the tour with delicious breakfast; beef noodle soup! One day before leaving Hanoi, we had the street food tour with the tour guide River. He is so much fun and introduced us to many delicious Vietnamese street food. Both Johnny and River were such great and smart people and we felt like having been friends with them forever! 
Thank you Awesome Travel and next time we come to Hanoi again we would love to see our friends Johnny & River again! :)

“Walking food tour must do!!”_ 5 stars, 9 Jun 2014

By far one of the best things we did in Hanoi! Our guide Lily was excellent and took us to the best food spots of the city by foot. She even tailored the tour for the guys who wanted to taste some more exotic local dishes or those of us who had food allergies. This was by far one of the best tours we have done while traveling.

“Do this First wen you get to Vietnam”_ 5 stars, Jun 14, 2014

We did this on our last 5 days of our month trip and we wish we did this first. We called the morning of the day we wanted the tour and they accommodated us with out a problem. Trang picked us up and she was awesome. First things, after introductions, she confirmed what foods, we wanted & didn't want on the tour and we went from there. We visited 6 places and all were fantastic, Trangs knowledge and conversation through out the tour was absolutely fantastic. This is a must do!!

“Best food tour"_ 5 stars, Jun 17, 2014

We did a Food on Foot tour with Elen as our guide. She was great. We tried so many things that I can't even remember now. The coffee at the end of the tour was fantastic. We tasted other coffee on our trip, but none tasted as good as on this tour. We tried eel 3 different ways. We did a tour with another company which was good, but it didn't compare to the tour with Awesome Tours.

“Excellent start to Hanoi visit”_ 5 stars, Jun 19, 2014

We took this evening tour just after we arrived in Hanoi and it was a great way to get a feel for the city's old town and eateries. Guide Ha was so interesting and encouraged us to try different taste treats we would never have discovered on our own (or been brave enough to try!) The variety of local delicacies offered seemed endless and of course we finished with the famous egg coffee which was yum! Even though there was a thunderstorm and the plastic raincoats came out, we thoroughly enjoyed this tour and would recommend as a must do when visiting the city. Thank you Ha for making it so special.        

“Food Tour With Awesome Travel”5 stars June 26, 2014

We were met in the Lounge of the Silk Path Hotel by Ellen at 11.30 on the dot. Ellen with her perfect English assessed us pretty smartly, Sylvia with her ankle bandage and myself with a knee bandage straight away informed us we would do the shorter tour.
Our first stop was to try an eel dish, then a sweet dish at our next destination followed by a move to an upstairs restaurant to try a seafood hot pot dish. By this time we were getting to know a bit about our guide, Ellen a 22 year old University student doing a masters in tourism, her professionalism and knowledge made our tour very special,Ellen helped us with a bit of shopping by doing the bartering. Next stop more sweets and finally an egg coffee. I recommend doing a food tour as an introduction to Hanoi and with Awesome tours as we did. We did other tours with Awesome Travel and found the Company with out fault, punctual and professional.

“Brilliant tour”_  5 stars June 27, 2014 

The street food tour we went on was quite magnificent.The guide River was really caring about what he was doing and made our tour very special.We made it clear from the off that we would try anything and he very quickly got into his stride and took us to a host of different places to taste and eat a great selection of what Hanoi had to offer.It was one of the highlights of our two week holiday to Vietnam.

“Exceptional Food tour”5 stars June 28, 2014

I can't speak highly enough of the food tour that I went on. I was in a group of 4 and the guide was brilliant, extremely knowledgeable, friendly and informative, the best tour guide I have ever had- Chinh. Tried a wide variety of food. Great value for money.

“Food walking tour”_ 5 stars July 2, 2014 

We have just returned from a walking food tour with Chinh and can not speak highly enough of her vibrancy, knowledge and enthusiasm. What a gem of a tour guide! We were a group of 4 and went to a variety of places where we tried one dish at each. We were all happy to try what was offered and the flavours didn't disappoint. The opportunity to go with someone into places that we would possibly look at and then pass by, because we were not confident enough to go in was worth every cent. We will certainly enjoy the rest of our stay here with a more adventurous spirit. Thanks Chinh!

“Most memorable Vietnam experience”_ 5 stars July 3, 2014,

We did this on our first day in Hanoi, and we are so glad we did because it really set us up for the rest of our trip. We have the most lovely girl (sorry I cant remember her name) who met us at our hotel. She firstly asked us what we liked to eat and asked if there was anything in particular we would like to try, the only thing that came to mind was Bun Cha (which you MUST eat - it is absolutely amazing!). So off we went. Firstly we had a delicious dumpling/dim sim things which I think had chicken,pork and prawn, at the same place we have some Vietnamese sausage (lovely!). We then tried Sugar cane juice, bun cha, morning glory, egg coffee, rice paper rolls, beer (haha!) and lots more. A big part of the tour was just getting to know our guide, she was such a lovely girl, and not only did she teach us about the food, but also the local way of life. She took us through some dark lane ways to give us a sense of what day to day life is like and to see how they live. 
By the end of the day we were absolutely stuffed. At the end of the tour we were taken back to the office to meet Mr Ahn. We had a great time hanging out in the office with him drinking snake wine. 

The tour is definitely a "must do" and really gave us the confidence to try all sorts of street food throughout Vietnam. Thank-you Vietnam Awesome Travel!

“Food on foot tour - must do!”_ 5 stars July 7, 2014 

We signed up for this tour and loved spending the evening with Ching. She is a true Hanoian and can get around the city's bikes better than any. We tried 8 amazing local dishes - snail, eel noodle, Pho - dish after dish we loved every moment. Great way to see Hanoi while going to places I'd never know were there without our guide. A trip highlight!

“Incredible tour, great food, great guide, great company”_ 5 stars July 12, 2014

On our penultimate day in Vietnam myself and two friends decided to take this tour. Our guide, Yen, was friendly and very communicative and spoke great English, with a genuine interest in explaining the food culture in the streets of the Old Quarter. The small group sizes are a bonus and we found ourselves becoming very close with our other member partly due to the tours relaxed casual nature. The food itself was incredible and the utilization of local knowledge found us visiting places that otherwise would have been passed by. With regards to the portions the tour is excellent with the 8 to 16 courses being dependent on your party's hunger levels. Great customisation was allowed of the tour stopping to purchase local coffee and focusing on foods we ourselves had stated interest in. Overall a great tour made greater by good company would highly recommend to others spending a few nights in Hanoi.

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